Soil Thermal Testing

Project examples

Caithness to Moray cable route

The project involved on-site thermal testing at 100 m intervals along two sections totalling over 50 km. Laboratory work included thermal testing on fully dried samples. Additional work involved assessing contamination and thermal testing of bentonite within cable ducts.

Following the installation of directionally drilled ducts for the Caithness Moray cable route, Soil Environment Services were asked to assess the thermal resistivity of bentonite within the ducts. This was undertaken through the duct filling ports with needle probes.

  • Client: ABB Caithness
  • Project Type: Transmission reinforcement
  • Location: Highland, Moray

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Thermal probes can be inserted into rock or gravel on site and these very often occur in the same trench.
Bentonite testing within cable ducts. Caithness-Moray HVDC cable.

Crossaig Substation OMEXOM

CBS testing during cable pulling. Crossaig Substation OMEXOM
CBS testing above the cables. Crossaig Substation – OMEXOM

Thermal resistivity of compacted Cement Bound Sand (CBS) was tested in the trench during and following cable placement.

This project involved the installation of a substation on the Mull of Kintyre to handle power generated from wind turbines on the West Coast of Scotland.

  • Client: Omexom UK
  • Project Type: Substation upgrade
  • Location: Crossaig, Scotland

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Race Bank Wind Farm

Race Bank Wind Farm is a 573 MW Round 2 offshore wind farm located 27 km North of Blakeney Point off the coast of Norfolk, and 28 km east of Chapel St Leonards off the Lincolnshire coast in the North Sea.

The farm was commissioned in February 2018. Soil Environment Services was commissioned to assess the thermal resistivity of the soft silty sediments below the dykes on the coast at the point of landfall. On-site thermal resistivity was measured and undisturbed samples taken to produce a 'dry out curve' of soil moisture verses soil thermal resistivity.

  • Client: Ground Technology Services acting for Dong Energy
  • Project Type: Wind farm connection to grid
  • Location: 27 km off the coast of North Norfolk

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Race Bank Wind Farm Landfall – Kings Lynn

National Grid Feckenham

Ground testing prior to cable placement. United Utilities – National Grid Feckenham Sub Station

This project involved soil thermal resistivity testing at cable depth in the trench whilst being excavated.

The depth of testing was at 1.2 m bgl and following on-site thermal testing, soil samples were taken to the laboratory for testing in the fully dried state.

  • Client: United Utilities acting for the National Grid
  • Project Type: Connection to grid
  • Location: Feckenham, Worcestershire

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