Soil Thermal Testing

Laboratory Work

Thermal resistivity, thermal conductivity or thermal diffusivity of soil, rock or other material, e.g. Cement Bound Sand (CBS) can be measured in our specialised laboratory and is essential to both support field measurements and assess thermal properties under a range of conditions.

We have our own dedicated fully equipped laboratory set up for thermal testing of soils, rocks, trench back-fill, alternative (non-traditional) backfill and CBS. We are currently progressing through the preparation of systems and procedures for a UKAS accreditation application.

However, our laboratory testing is only undertaken by experienced consultants who also have a full theoretical understanding of the processes involved with attention to detail at the research scientist level.

In general we test to and using the following specifications:

  • IEEE 1997 Std 442 ENAT 97-1, Version 2 2016
  • BS EN 8990:1996
  • National Grid TS 3.05.07
  • BS 1377 - Compaction

Team experience

All laboratory work is overseen by Dr Robin Davies who has a PhD in soil physics (soil stabilisation) and many decades of high quality research laboratory experience for the former British Coal and central government funding agencies. Several recent years of laboratory work have increasingly been focussed on undertaking thermal testing for aggregate supply and cable installation companies.

All of our laboratory staff have science degrees, have worked on central government funded science projects which included laboratory work and have spent a number of recent years undertaking soil/rock thermal testing.

If you need CBS testing in the laboratory or field, please call us to discuss your exact requirements as sample treatment prior to testing is crucial.