Soil Thermal Testing

What we do

We test the ground and backfill materials for thermal resistivity and associated properties to determine cable design and/or trench design prior to cable placement.

Full project consultancy experience

We tailor testing parameters to your specifications in order for you to design cable trenching and bedding on a project specific basis.

All testing and outputs are conducted to the highest industry standard and in line with current international specifications.

We have been testing soil and backfill thermal properties on site and in our laboratory for over 10 years to The Energy Networks Association specifications.

Our range of equipment is designed to allow full flexibility with on-site testing.

On-site Testing

On-site Testing

We have experience working in difficult conditions and are able to tailor the equipment to the site.

On-site Testing

Thermal probes can be inserted into rock or gravel on site and these very often occur in the same trench.

On-site Testing

We will assess the specific needs of the project and the environment in which the cable will be operating to provide specific and accurate measurements.

Testing may be carried out in boreholes, test pits or trenches, or we can take cores out of soil, rocks or roads.

All laboratory work is overseen by Dr Robin Davies who has a PhD in soil physics (soil stabilisation) and many decades of high quality research laboratory experience for the former British Coal and central government funding agencies.

Laboratory Work

Laboratory Work
Thermal resistivity, thermal conductivity or thermal diffusivity of soil, rock or other material, e.g. Cement Bound Sand (CBS) can be measured in our specialised... Learn more